Our next meeting is April 21st!
Dr. Ricky Spencer from the University of Western Sydney, Hawkesbury is sending us two of his PHD students to talk at the April Meeting.

Kristen Petrov has been working with the Bellinger River Turtle and will give us an insight into her involvement in the project. The Bellinger River Turtle was almost completely wiped out of its natural habitat due to a mystery disease. Conservation projects such as the breeding program at Taronga Zoo are trying their best to save this species from its impending extinction. We know this is an issue a lot of members were very interested in so its good to get a follow up on this topic.


Claudia Santori has been doing research into turtles in Western Sydney and the Murray River. She has also been involved with TurtleSAT, which is an website/app that is being implimented to track turtle sightings and monitor turtle populations within Sydney, as it is believed that all turtle species are now in danger of becoming extinct due to various factors. We will learn more about this at the meeting.

See you all there!


We recently gave away a copy of Devil Dragon by Deborah Sheldon. The Australian Shadows, an annual literary awards  presentation by the Australian Horror Writers Association, has shortlisted Devil Dragon for Best Novel of 2016. Unfortunately Deb did not win this prize but it is still a great achievement to be nominated. You can learn more about Deb and Devil Dragon at the links below: